Latest photos from the Kalahari

Home from another fantastic trip to Africa, some several weeks now, finally getting out photos. This round comes from Tswalu Private Reserve in the southern Kalahari desert, one of the most beautiful and magical places I’ve explored. Amazingly, Tswalu wasn’t on my radar until last year when Keith Ladzinski posted one of the most epic and stunning lion photos I’ve ever seen. I didn’t manage to see a giant Kalahari male lion on red sand as lightning streaked angry skies.

I did, however, spend an evening following around pangolin which pretty much doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. That doesn’t even scratch the surface, so go check out the photos for more.

Thanks and shoutout to ranger and guide Barry Peiser for the adventures and great times. Thanks as always to Extraordinary Journeys for making the trip happen and being all around amazing travel partners.