I don’t have some crazy or cool origin story, so let’s just talk about some things I’m interested in these days.


I was a two sport athlete in college (track and soccer) so sports in one way or another will always be quite important to me. At one time I competed at close to the highest level in each of my sports, but now I am firmly planted in the ex-athlete category. In grad school, I helped coach long jumpers and triple jumpers at Cornell, who were among the best in the nation for a time. When I lived in San Diego I played tennis probably 350 days a year, but sadly life in NYC is not supportive of that pass time. And since watching the Yankees and NY Giants doesn't burn any calories, now I run, run, run to justify my primary pastime...

Food & Drink

If I'm not working or sleeping, I'm probably cooking, eating, or thinking about cooking or eating. A bunch of that turns up on my instagram, or my more boozy instagram, and like everyone else I have a badly, horribly outdated food blog. Not sure what more to say here, so I'll leave you with some quick recs for NYC because it's my most FAQ:

In NYC, get your coffee at Gimme, Grumpy, or Third Rail; your pizza at Rubirosa; your ramen at Ippudo, Hide-Chan, Ivan, or Totto (in that order!); your burgers and dogs at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (unless less it's a lamb burger- you get those at The Breslin); your Chinese(ish, ok not really at all) at Mission Chinese; and your ice cream at Big Gay Ice Cream. Go drink whisky at the Brandy Library. Buy fantastic natural wines from all over the world at Chambers Street Wines and spirits (and yet more wine) at Astor. For brunch, go to Locanda Verde. For dinner, start with Marc Forgione; go to a place run by AC, Luke, and Josh; transport yourself to Mexico City via Cosme or their more casual, crazy good spot ATLA; get fish (and bone marrow pasta) at Marea; indulge at Le Coucou; and pull out all the stops at Eleven Madison Park.


I used to devote all of my "free professional time," to developing software to support animal conservation efforts. I have worked with amazing folks like Bob Lacy, Phil Miller, and Philip Nyhus developing software models to help researchers stave off the decline of populations of countless threatened and endangered species. Today, it's just a cause near and dear along with some occasional advice-giving and meeting attendance. I was recently lucky enough to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia (cheetah photos here!); if you care at all about cheetahs or wildlife conservation in general you can't go wrong supporting CCF.


I've enjoyed photography since first picking up my mom's old Nikon F-series SLR as a kid (sorry for all the wasted film!). My level of seriousness depends mostly on how much free time I have... which these days isn't a lot, unfortunately. Most recent, mostly casual stuff (including food and cat photos!) is on my instagram and a lot more travel and nature stuff is on my photo site at smugmug. I'm just a hobbyist for sure, but I've shot a lot of photos in some really nice places and some of them have turned out well enough that the occasional person buys a print.