health tech, conservation, photography, food & bev

I'm JP Pollak, PhD. I design, build, and evaluate data-driven consumer healthcare applications as a co-founder of Curiosity Health, Senior Researcher-in-Residence at Cornell Tech and an Assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medicine.

I live in the greatest city on earth (New York, obviously), do volunteer work in wildlife conservation, travel whenever and wherever I can, take photos, enjoy great food, wine, and spirits, and once upon a time I was a pretty serious athlete.

I don't really do social media and I don’t link in. My love of photography compels me to manage a photo site and post on Instagram as jpp9sta. But that's about it. If you need to reach me, try me at jppollak on the gmail.


Digital Health Technology

I work with mobile devices to make people healthier and happier. This includes improving data collection, user engagement, and intervention in healthcare applications. My current focus is on marrying all of that with the electronic health record to better personalize care.